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How to make Bird Feeders

How to make Bird Feeders

How To Make Bird Feeders is a fun and quick project 
that you can do as a family to spend time together and teach 
your kids to appreciate wildlife right in your own backyard.


Several Large Pine Cones
Peanut Butter
Butter Knife
Paper Plate
Tree to hang Bird Feeders


First gather some Pine Cones of any size. This would be a great opportunity for your family to go for a walk in your neighborhood or take a nature walk searching for the best Pine Cones. Now have an adult attach a string or yarn to the end of the Pine ConeThis is used to attach the Pine Cone to the tree once finished. Next have the little ones use a Butter Knife or back of a spoon to cover the Pine Cone completely with Peanut Butter. Next fill a paper plate with bird seed and have the little ones roll the Pine Cone through the bird seed covering them completely pushing down to pack the bird seed in. Hang Bird Feeders in tree that everyone can watch through a window so your family can enjoy the birds feeding on your feeders from inside the home and enjoy.